Before your open sign ever lights up…by John Meyer

There’s a movement of people wanting to start their own businesses today for a variety of reasons. They love the idea of freedom and the dream of having boat loads of cash. After all, their friends are doing it, tv shows are revealing it and their current work situation is calling for it. Hey, I get it…I really do. I understand the dire need to be released from a life of torment grinding it out making someone else rich. But when looking at starting your own business, there’s so much more to it than merely throwing up an open sign somewhere and living your dream. opensign

It all starts with a desire, then having an idea that matches what your DNA is calling out for. Yep, that’s right! I said DNA. You see, every single person on this planet has been hard wired with an idea they were born with locked up inside of their DNA that culminates into a service to others around them. Proof of this is in the myriad of items, products, services, and tools that are all around us. Everything from furniture, to cars, to buildings, someone initiated the idea through something that was brewing on the inside of them. Now, I will say  there are many products out there that were created through a person’s drive for mere money or a selfish pride in order to prove something to themselves or someone else, (which lends to other issues) but I would say that a majority of the products we see and own today were born out of a desire to either fix something, make one better, or provide a more excellent way of serving that particular product to the public. Nevertheless, we benefit in many ways by those creations and most of them are here to stay.

What does that mean? It means that in order to create or produce a product, whether large or small, with excellence and carry longevity with it, it means that the idea was birthed out of deeper resolve from within. The idea becomes a cause or a “Life message” if you will. It becomes an insatiable quest to bring it into existence. Again, there could be several reasons why a person becomes hungry to produce it, but point being, if you are going to start a business, any business, there has to be a staying power in your mindset in order for that something to remain. No one goes into business planning to fail in a month or two. No, they go into business with an idea that will become successful and remain successful. The only way to do that is to gather all the facts first.

Those facts I am talking about begin with taking an assessment of the elements that will cause every cell in your being to stand up with passion, and bring a settling in your resolve. This is where your business creating begins. Successful entrepreneurs and business owners understand this because they’ve tried to do business built upon a good idea, but didn’t have the energy or drive to stick with it long term. That’s what happens when you don’t stop to take a good hard look at what makes you really come alive and remain alive. You can have a great idea, but if it’s not something you thoroughly enjoy or matches with your DNA, then it has the potential of fading really quickly.

Before you even think about lighting up your open sign, I would suggest taking a little time to sit alone with your desires and go a little deeper. Dig down and pull up that which compliments your gifts, talent and abilities well. Write them down, stare at them, and then take them before others you can really trust. Begin to ask them about your abilities, and what they think you would be great at. Write those things down as well, then compile both lists, and plan from there. This will eliminate the need to merely make a buck because you’re desperate to be free from corporate tyranny and management cruelty.

You will soon discover what it means to live from the DNA depth of what you were born to do, and you will find that longevity will be your legacy.

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