Love Yourself Enough…by John Meyer

Ok, so you found yourself crawling out of bed again to once more face the day that feels like a whole lot of gray. You feel like your head is going to explode and there’s a hang-over like substance pounding in your veins, and you didn’t even drink last night. It’s just there. It comes knocking every morning, with seemingly no relief in site. Just the thought of having to drag yourself into work today makes you want to crawl back under the sheets and hide.

Do you ever feel like this? If so, it’s time for a change and soon. Yeah, yeah, I know, you have bills, right? So what, we all do. It’s time for the excuse making to cease….permanently. The only way you are ever going to make any kind of change is to start loving yourself enough to make a transformational shift into what stops the headaches and cleanses the hang-overs. Change doesn’t mean that it all has to happen in a day. Although some of us need to do some things in a day in order to save our lives, a majority of those things can happen over a span of time. Think about it this way. If you changed just one thing a day for the next 365 days, you would have at least 365 things accomplished. I say “At least” because, for every one thing you shift, it has the tendency of changing something else for the better. 01-debunking-sleep-myths-8-hours-of-sleep

So, do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and love yourself. Love yourself right into change. No matter how small that may be. You will be so glad you did when you start to leap out of bed every morning feeling the clear skies of hope again.

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