King of the Mountain…by Amy Meyer

King of the Mountain may have been a fun game you played as a kid, but that very mentality will never serve you well in the business area. The followers you so desperately want will opt for a true leader one that’s helping hand in hand. You’ll make it to the top alright but only to hear the distant groans and cries of the” would be” follower you stepped on, on the way up.  You expected their praises when you reached the top, but the only sound you could hear from above was the empty, lonely echo of yourself, as you announced, “Look, everybody, where are you? I won!?” There wasn’t a soul in site nor the praise you desired.  True leaders, on the other hand, are not lonely at the top. They lead from among, giving everyone a leg up only to arrive at the top with their crew cheering them on!    – Amy Meyer

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