Allow your D.N.A. to decide what your work is….John Meyer

D.N.A. – Divinely. Navigated. Assignment. 


Allow your inner navigation system to guide you to where your work awaits. In other words, don’t go waisting any more of your time trying to find a “Better” job. Your greener pasture to a more rewarding and fulfilling existence, as it relates to the assignment God has sent you to earth for, is no further than what abides within your DNA. Follow His whisper. Follow His prompts. His promise is to never lead you astray. We do a pretty good job of leading our own selves down the path of frustration. Think about it. If trees, plants, animals, and every other living thing has their own specific design and purpose, then how much more do we? It’s time to drop the striving and allow His D.N.A. within to lead you into the work he has laid out for you. It may not be what you thought, but your spirit will thank you for it later. And so will everyone else when they see the look of contentment stream across your face. 

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