Thriving Workplace was founded because we saw a desperate need to help change the way workplace culture and business in general operates. People around the world spend most of their time working at a job laboring for their business owners and it should be a fulfilling, safe, and enjoyable experience. But far too many employees are suffering due to a stressful and disempowering company culture. It doesn’t have to be this way. Your workplace environment should be one of the most energizing and joyful experiences you have throughout your working career…IF you are properly aligned to your life’s calling. 

The Why 

  • To bring a life balance and proper focus back to the business arena. A greater perspective and alignment to the company vision and culture.
  • To be an advocate of healthy empowerment for the owners and employees through podcasting, book resources, Mp3 downloads and seminars.
  • To help change the paradigm of a profit only culture to a healthy culture before profit mentality.
  • To help align people to their true positions and career paths.
  • To help businesses thrive through educational resources that matter.


John & Amy Meyer are “Culture Consultants” who have spent years in the corporate world working as training and executive managers within the property management industry.  John is a certified Train The Trainer Coach, as well as a Corporate Troubleshooter in a variety of fields. He understands the importance of having a vibrant company culture, as well as an eye for workforce positioning and flow. His wife Amy has worked along side of him as a troubleshooter and marketer trainer.

Thriving Workplace brings awareness, education, and insight to the entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, manager, and employee, through podcasts, videos, articles, webinars, and live events.

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Culture before profit…

Your Culture Consultants

John & Amy Meyer