How I Tried and Failed to Be a Cool Boss By Doree Shafrir

An investigation into the joy and pain of fitting in: With this series, we’re exploring the pathologies, hierarchies, and quirks of female socialization from high school to the workplace and beyond. I had never been a boss before (unless you count being the editor of my college magazine for a year — which I don’t) … Continue reading How I Tried and Failed to Be a Cool Boss By Doree Shafrir

Herb Kelleher…Former CEO of Southwest Airlines Quote

I had the privilege of working at Southwest Airlines in the past as a Flight Attendant, and I can tell you that Herb set the kind of culture he quotes. - John, Thriving Workplace

Defining A Leader… by Office Vibe

What Is Leadership? A leader is someone who establishes a clear vision, and then guides their team towards that vision by empowering them and coaching them to greatness. A leader is someone that stays calm during a crisis, and stays laser-focused on their end goal. The skills that it takes to be a good leader … Continue reading Defining A Leader… by Office Vibe

Maturity before Personality

  If you promote an immature employee into a management role too quickly just to fill a need, then you'll most likely find yourself babysitting the immaturity. Orphans don't manage other others too well. Save yourself a whole lot of grief and promote maturity before personality.